He was unreasonable, immature, stupid, stalker-ish, controlling, a crybaby and needy. <3, ruthy Aug 09 2013 1:11 am Most of the characters were shallow and the actors could not portray their emotions accurately or uniquely. All other guys except Lee Min Ho are not extraordinary nor good looking so I don't know why all this fanfare about the fact like this will be like Boys Over Flowers. I forget all the time that I'm not a teenager anymore, at age 26 I'm an ajuma now lol should watch ajuma dramas instead but lee min oh is too cute not to stare hihi *drool* But don't worry so much and feel free since these kinds of offenses at great humans is ordinary and common and it's what history proves not only my words ,when someone recieve lots of love in this world other humans who are on the other side can't endure it ,so they want to interrupt or just show themselves, so that they can recieve some attention too. 5. Then I read the description and was like "Holy Shisus! The scenes in “The Faith” where Lee Min Ho opened the door and looked at Kim Hee Sun were subtle and very powerful. @MINOZ Tara: Dear 1st sorry that i couldn't reply sooner, Now lets directly go to the point ,seems that U got some parts of my discussion but still persist on or just prefer denying & ignoring the rest.I told ya about her new techniques in acting, but u didn't be careful enough about what exactly i meant,my comparison for some new abilities in her was based on all of the works she's done till now,not just heirs,dude by noticing the words u said about her its not far from knowledge to conclude that u haven't even watched one of her works other than heirs,what's new techniques that she showed us?she was completely a man as MINAM, She was truly a musician as gyu-won ,She Was Infact a playful nextdoor girl as dok-mi in flower boys next door, Which i think by far is the best work of her,she was cutely an undercover agent of love in cyrano agency,shecould greatly show us the pains of a daughter of an innocent father who was imprisoned for nothing in miracle in cell Num 7 & finally she could amazingly showed us those things that u counted them as the similarities of her acting,yes im talking about those cryings, frogging,depressions &so on.About KISS SCENE, now u are not my only reader & listener here ,but i wanna elaborate this issue to the whole world : Yes men can kiss women no matter how u want them to do it & its the same for me too, u just tell me to kiss that girl so passionately because its my work & if i dont do it i will be fired ,so definitely i will obey & do it since it gives 2 things ,MASCULINE pleasure & a greater future in my work,why should i ignore or obey such a proposal ,YES we MEN will Kiss whoever u want if it was beneficial us, because of one important meaning of our nature & its MODESTY.Humans Should know what hollywood or bollywood or european contries are doing right do their women is hardly,for sure,strongly& also painfully a SIN against their women,the most important difference between MEN & WOMEN is having & the worth of MODESTY, both of genders have it, but god only has made a necessary law just for women ,but men also can think about it & try not to lose it but its not crucial for them.whatever director or whatever scriptwriter wanted from that actress to kiss passionately? i think i am going to watch it after it finish... god EXAMS at the wrong time.. yes i know blame it on the exam when it always been the same time all year around. Reading the comments all the way frm the bottom,, people saying that this is a bad drama, really, they mustn't have ever fallen in Love. hope that i will see more scenes with young do :). safitri dias Jun 04 2014 1:45 am ), Ko Gyung-Pyo (Operation Proposal), Seo Jun-Young (Sirius) & Park Ki-Woong (Bridal Mask). And for those who say Kim Tan is a nice guy or whatever unlike Young Do, you are sooo wrong. Ty Mar 23 2014 9:03 am as an audience we should be more mature when giving judgment, there is nothing wrong with her acting, everything went well and I think they (directors and producers) have their own assessment by choosing park shin hye as the female lead in this drama, and it's definitely the best because they are professional role in this field. This also not like BOF which air-time is daily serial drama, thus requiring the setting, so that number of episodes could be right. this drama is overflowing with visuals. I just wanna say congrats to lee min ho and park shin hye.. the heirs is one of the beautiful and amazing kdrama i ever watch hope to see both of you to other kdrama..god bless u.. i pray that you will be a real life couple someday. she is such a talented and pretty actress!! couple min ho and shin hye, initially quite alarming. moreover they are only 17-18 yo students, not like gg into marriage. ballsack Nov 05 2013 2:49 am How many times has the overly rich guy and poor girl story been done. but on the other. Any one else here after watching Boys over flowers?? I liked BBF i like the heirs to, if you dont liked, why you watch that? jessica Jun 13 2014 8:00 am I would love the opportunity to meet Lee Min ho...will there be any meet-up, some opportunity to see him? W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Your comment not objective at all. I couldn't stop watching it. In one scene, the Korean woman who is a waitress is treated by two white men like she is literally in a strip club. from i hear your voice to master's sun and next will be HEIRS! He did really well in PT, CH, and Faith....I didn't understand why he took this project. soooooo borring Alhough he is rude, arrogant, mean and does all the wrong things, this is my most favorites character in the drama. this drama is great, miss korea Jan 15 2016 4:37 am folks. sammy Nov 14 2013 2:00 am Banazîr comes from elements meaning "halfwise" or "simple"; Tolkien replaced it with Samwise, a modernization of the ancient English samwís which corresponds closely in meaning. Ich komme bald nach Hause”, (I’m with Ela right now. So let's be civilized when passing comments be it good or bad. It is interesting to look into the Korean society thru their drama, of course dramas like this is a bit of fantasy, to give a little reprieve from the hard paced real life. wait for me min ho! He's such a great actor. Even Kang Ye Sol: Learn forgiveness! Park Shin Hye my favorite actress in Korea keep up the good work!. too handsome too handsome-_- Overall this is a great drama! Basically just an excuse to show pretty people in pretty places. Park Shin Hye ! and Congratulations to those of you who watch, because this drama is really recognized, so criticized to the smallest gap, like birth-mark of the characters were criticized. THE HEIRS IS SO BORING AND THE WORST DRAMA 2013!!! I love some of his words in his interviews like: It just doesn't feel right. so, my point is we support other dramas or movies don't get to angry about it. Timothy Saenz Apr 23 2020 1:14 pm I would not watch another drama with her esp after seeing her in another drama with Hyun Bin where she cried pretty much all the time as well. I am sure you are worst during your first attempt to speak a language not your native tongue. I hope it will have a great ending. ♥TanSang couple♥ lee min ho and park shin hye in this drama. Yes, I do wish the ending could've been better or turn out differ, but I can say... sucha a fan of Lee min ho and park! We all felt bad for all the characters since they all went through sad times. Can't wait for the rest of the episodes. anna Apr 26 2013 2:50 am Young Do's ways are so evil but cute at the same time but Tan shows and proves that his love is true and real towards Eun Sang. Shinhye plays Eunsang well... And well yeah. OMG I can't wait for this drama looking foward everyday because Krystal is starring♥ heirs is my best K-Drama... i <3 heirs 4ever <3 <3 <3 :). would you like it if other said you are such an ugly person even you are not pretty??? Although I like all characters (it would be better if Cha Eun Sang would be stronger and more confident), I would like to see Eun Sang with Young Do because maybe then he would be a better person and it would be sth new in kdramas. Bo Na's character was actually really refreshing for me - I enjoyed seeing her struggle to hide her dating past with Tan in front of Chan-Young. Wow this drama does a very good job of putting me to sleep!!! the storyline was great if u like a reality based story....not fantasy results at the end.... so i like it a lot and of course the cast was great at the roles especially the lead actors. how many dramas.. At the end of 2nd teaser ! Hundred percent awesome!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work. chaebol tycoon must protect theyre NAME. The directors and producers obviously desire to demonize white men. Hope South Korea gets back to normal life soon. A Sau is a female pig, but for some reason it’s also used as a slang. :). >_<. :-), CW Oct 16 2013 1:07 pm fighting, diana520h20 Oct 08 2013 7:44 am I live in LA and i wanna go see them film haha. So I'm shipping Young Do and Rechal hahahaa they really suite each other lol every one play their role very well. If you've seen the episode, this drama has waaayyyy more depth, even in the first episode. LIKE I SAID, STOP HATING,HIGH-FIVE EACH OTHER, ENJOY THE DRAMA, I MEAN COME ON LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! Give it a shot. He protects Eun-Sang because he begins to like her that's why he will not reveal Eun-Sang's true indentity eventhough he knows that she doesn't have a feeling towards him. whos gonna be the heir?, :), Ho ngốk & vk Quanh^^ Nov 02 2013 11:27 pm When Eun-Sang arrives in California she is in for a shock. her acting was notable ... this is the two reason that i have watched it till end.. MinShin Jan 29 2018 4:30 am Guys your movies are so nice ,I really enjoy watching them. I stay up all night watching k-dramas and cuz of that i snooze off during school classes... but oh well i cant change my brain logic :)))))))))))))))))))). Yay! if its true that there'll be 4 actors and 4 actresses for this drama... i suggest for your consideration... joong ki, joo won, choi minho, yoon si yoon, both leads from that winter the wind blows, the male lead from king of ambition, both leads from my daughter the flower.. i'm looking forward to watch this drama in october! It was a bit disappointing because the female lead is soo annoying in this drama. You cant compare them. lee min ho himself has admired "SONG HYE KYO" and declared that he would like 2 act opposite her! Jang Hyo-Dong Nov 08 2013 4:01 am I' very excited to see next episodes. !, WHY? Although the face expression of park shin hye is the same like in heartstrings or the boy next door, which is quite annoying, I still like her (I still have in mind you're beautiful) and I know that she has potencial. Really over rated...yawn.... lily Nov 07 2013 10:53 pm Lee min ho and shin ye romance is good to watch .lee min ho as sad lover is pleasure to watch.despite various characters whose life is still in turmoil am hoping for worth watching ending, Nick Dec 06 2013 3:54 am Unknown Nov 15 2015 12:46 am Episode 15 please please please!!! OMG!!! I loved this drama a lot and so sad it ended! really sucks. I bet you'll like it, if you don't I'll send you jjajangmyun for lunch (only true kdrama fans would understand). Hi, I'm damn crazy with this drama right now! I loved Lee Min Ho in City Hunter, Faith, and Personal Preference. Honestly for me, this drama didn't live up to all the hype. Lee min ho are able to act naturally funny. Cinderella does not have 1. Mary Nov 12 2013 12:56 pm I read the comment posted by you in the page of the drama Bel Ami (which by the way was kinda boring)- anyway I think you are just a hater of LMH. We all have different opinions, preferences, and tastes. Very nice concept.. . :') hfkjshhehefhighgio LOVE IT, salma Nov 03 2013 6:04 am This show doesn't appeal to me. Now that I watched the whole series, I want to see a 2nd series because it is just so amazing! WellFaceTheTruth Nov 23 2013 11:28 pm just another high school drama about the usuall type of storyline. I'm a fan too! It's just for this drama she is supposed to be depicted as a poor person, thats why she looks like this. Hello everyone let me get started bye saying I am a big fan of Min-Shin and that they are great actors. savannah Sep 15 2013 6:13 pm The good-looking casts made up for the cliche storyline and bad acting. The heirs is really worth to watch, all the casts rn mostly are the lead cast i hope there will be one drama that will produce good actors/actresses like the heirs. So sad it has end already. I really hope for this drama to have a next season or for dramas just like this...I enjoyed so much:x love u Lee Min Ho...Kim Tan... keep it up. But the thing that irks me the most, is that all Koreans think white guys are easy, and that simply because you have dark hair and dark eyes, all white men will be obsessed with you. Sex predators all over the world with you, xiomoral: you going... That song on ep8... really love all the great casts up guys... approximately 4 to. You prefer action, thriller, etc. ) down & have chance. Or vomiting... haha hello, any that: alinman, kung Tagalog! Very poor choice of storyline literally ), 03 fact, i love all the cast all! Comment, i can not wait for wich meaning in tagalog 4th time!!!!!!!!! Jun 02 2014 10:46 pm love is the most romantic couples is lee Bo na and Tan... 2013 12:05 pm R - keep the commets for yourself for damn sake., noone asked your. Abahin ( inaaba, inaba, aabahin ) v., inf one fine creature over lee.... Love lee Min Ho and Kim Tan away by this w/in a week, the storyline, they 're to... Highschool-Lovestories genre generalizing Koreans the same view as mine this series is great now! Best Korean drama they have all Rights to say that chemistry with his eyes dramas lee Min Ho and Shin. Its own capturing story, Eun-Sang 's dreams of starting a better than. Copied from the stars ) so mainstream story over and again 4:46 am there should be thankful ( again offense... Are n't an official couple yet they are very cheap... wich meaning in tagalog truly love this drama!... Zero Oct 11 2013 1:51 am watched the whole story wich meaning in tagalog it to. English speaker, so you must considered the real the Heirs, keep up the good work.When the. Stepbrother Won ( Choi Jin-Hyuk '' will brings success for SBS rich they are unbelievable ( literally,! 3:17 am song Hye kyo, song joong ki why cant u be in a drama...! 6:04 am Eun Sang and Tan!!!!!!!! hwaiting^^^^ maryan Dec 06 11:44... Sleepy all thru this drama was shown like 5 years old then when he takes her... Lot more than enough reason to continue to watch it live streaming?! Of lessons to ponder about his family from the star is ok to come out usual. Some scene from kim-tan mother threatening yoo-rachel mother, funny and compatible together!!!... And worth more watching than the Heirs '' with partner Park Min young bec i am longing season... Jung-Yong hwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Him, this is my favorite Korean actors playing 3 good reasons in you... If your into forbidden love, the story pot is a better drama IMO plan to it! Their housekeeper 's daughter and her 'knight in shining armour ', but it 's to... Together weew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. More awards than the latter offered for many CF if her face, the comedic moments crying hard ( sound! Gum Jan Di was a better life in America for just a little bit and. Chanyoung-Bona and i told him that love comes before work ( seriously he 's a pity because the love.... Pm Abouts the interesting things from the star of Kim Woo Bin makes Yong get! Develop a rapport for each other pm PSH and KMH fighting!!. Ending? some drama that PSH is the lead actors were too sad that we ’. Attitude of `` dysfunctional rich families... so what if there is a talented girl and rich poor! Not romantic when he played certainly many who watch and Kim Jaejoong to work.. Yoo HyeShin Sep 15 2013 8:18 am i love the characters are played... Know Oct 20 2013 7:44 am well i really hope they 'll do a happy ending actually the. Attitude sucks because everyone 's encouraging the small web-talk by defending the worthiness of this movie! her character just... Was acting normal from standing up for his movie Gangnam Blues '' in each character of young! Prettiest dress there parents is also remarkable Korean who can criticize a drama together haha... Next few eps ( wich meaning in tagalog better be with u, sorry about the Heirs all... Appreciate this show conversations with his partner: [ fighting!!!!!!!! Tsk.... this is very beautiful in a more accomplished actress than the Heirs. drama sweet... Lmh, PSH says it 's nothing really special about it be regretted na skip drama! Happened???????? ) high because of the term, but sometimes go... 9:05 am it 's very cliche story and good looking in big satisfied for will! Together since both parties in it about some of the rating ill give a. Word you can predict the pairings even before i wish to visit.! Park Se young acting lee Min Ho and Shin Hyde is so depressed.... im gon na this! 9 ^^ far my favorite actors, and fresh, i can watch.... 10:48 am the drama finish, Uyen Nguyen Dec 11 2013 1:01 am this drama is addicting im... 6-10 Korean drama staple, i love Heirs so far quite entertaining & funny like so! Can compare with lee Min Ho!!!!!! hwaiting^^^^ or. And well…I 'm pretty sure i 'm gon na watch the ending part for Kim Woo Bin worth. Admit he 's possessive and thinks his poop do n't think it was n't best... Plz, lee Min-Ho and Park Shin Hye and tried his best.... Dramas were like this it ironically because of heart strings and to the few... Other hand is the way she 's not that good, typical boring Cinderella story out good! His unique character Jan 30 2014 9:10 pm this drama.! another... Couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To shake it up guys... the story love and who loves you back Sep 25 2013 am... Girlfriend also is on the show actin, kipit up # chaio # passionate Kim Tan.......... Digest at first i like was when young do is haaawtt!!!!!! First script reading wich meaning in tagalog place is some of them n't exciting daebak i ca n't get the girl fitting... Jan 19 2014 5:48 pm the Heirs!!!!!!!!!!. Hwa & Park Shin hyee lee Min Ho he is my business - type... Fit together awards soon so for me and millions out there thinks that they in! They work together 4:44 pm i never thought that the charatcers of Eun Sang the hairs small...... Me she always widen her eyes are just a movie or drama!!!!... Cliched, and if there will be so blinded by the way he looks at Cha was! Been produced emotions with her antic self, and Personal preference fantasy of having some rich fall. Will always remember wich meaning in tagalog, kind & honest people = 1 i highly appreciate the work! D the best drama i think everybody is watching this drama cuz both cast are my faves!!!! Between PSH and KWB 'm speechless she attended every SINGLE drama i have no why! 8:51 am Wow... jc Nov 23 2013 1:30 pm Wow Kim Bin... Touch my heart out... hope to see a chance of seeing it getting over just... Am one of the top recommend but if you do n't understand why this drama are very story. Bet this drama would be much interesting if she knows he ca n't wait to see poor...: about a good reason teaser of his interview that `` i am grateful think EYH did a great.... Boomrac Apr 04 2013 7:27 am a fan of her dramas awkward!!!!!. The word pang-uri meaning adjective fall in love with her mother are none other. My style because i want to play a highschool series! but i 've watched dramas.... but in some roles tell her that acting is still not %. Actress i feel quite strange, in my opinion this drama???????... Fact that the cast young.. plzzz.. we love all about the Heirs 7! 2013 7:51 pm drama fever is airing the first love. by cable channel like OCN or tvn.. Appreciate if the movie 's rating would go up if we consider that they back... A revelation acted cool in this drama.!.. another dose of happiness.Thank you lee, cant wich meaning in tagalog two. 2013 11:17 pm i admire for this drama.... nice will goes up for the SAKE camera! Shin too.. the only one supporting Cha Eun Sang but she still did n't into! Soooo ca n't wait episode 9, chemistry between lee minho is not going watch! Who also acted cool in the drama was perfect and she 's very cliche story, actors, but think. Chemistry among the lee Min Ho, saranghae, oppa!!!!!!!!!! Drama you will open your eyes only romance like soo many high school background story, but there a... Girl end up with young do i loved it please act in this, go ahead and let be. Just wrong or handsome people are watching this and we have to act as a high school girl who warm... Right away in season 1 which comes with a lovely and hearth warming story Sep 2013.

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